Eliminate Dropdown


Currently in a single select the first option is displayed with a dropdown. Is it possible to leave the field blank with no drop down so that when a user starts typing the matching options are displayed?


What I really want to see is the display shown below the initial (an empty box). I’d prefer not to see ALL the options, only the ones that partially match. If it were a state and the user typed new I’d want them to see New York, New Hampshire, New Mexico, etc.


Hello? 4 views but no responses. Is this possible?


Starting to feel like there’s not a lot of support for this. :frowning:


What you want to do is documented here: https://select2.org/placeholders#single-select-placeholders

In particular, please note this statement:

For single selects only, in order for the placeholder value to appear, you must have a blank <option> as the first option in your <select> control. This is because the browser tries to select the first option by default. If your first option were non-empty, the browser would display this instead of the placeholder.


Thank you, I’ll dig into this. Appreciate the guidance.