Bubble.io Multiselect dropdown default value from DB problem

Creating app with Bubble.io.

I use multiselect dropdown with values from external dictionary got from API.
User choose some options from dropdown, I save it to database through API, everything works fine.

But there is a trouble with default value. I need to get default values from the same type of data as Choices source and this is my dictionary.

Okay, but I need to filter it with user saved values. And here I can choose only single element as a constraint (not a list of them). I’ve got to compare if with list of items (saved by user in database). And there is a conflict.

As a result - empty default value.

What I need is to compare my dictionary id’s with database values.
For example if I set constraint as one ID, it works correctly.

But there are list of ID’s in value. And if add one more ID to constraint, dropdown value turns into empty.

Guys can you help me to resolve this?
How should I set my default value correctly?