Can't get selected option -> undefined


I just started using select2 for my dynamic ajax dropdowns. But I just cant read/get the selected option and/or its value. All my options are loaded remotely via ajax, are shown corretly and selecting them works too.

I initialize the select like so:

  dropdownParent: $('#city').parent(),
  placeholder: 'Please pick your city..',
  ajax: {
    url: '<?php echo Config::get('URL'); ?>xxxxxxx/GetAllCities',
    dataType: 'json',
    data: function (params) {
      var query = {
        search: params.term,
        type: 'public'
      return query;
    processResults: function (data) {
      return {
        results: data
    cache: true

but if I then want to get the value and/or the selected option, I get the error “undefined”:

I am using the newest select2 release /w jquery 3.4.1

What am I doing wrong?

Select2 provides an API to get the selected value: $('#city').select2("data");