Do not select any item in the list when you first open it


I the first time on this forum. I have a question that seems simple, but I haven’t found the answer to it. I looked through the documentation and this entire section of the forum.
I apply a Select 2 list and click on it, it looks like this:

And I would like, to under open list of the first element of not allocated (and at all no elements not allocated).
T. E., to was roughly so:

To then, choose an option.
Tell me how to do it?
I apologize for my English.


Make sure the first option in your <select> is the following: <option value=""></option>. That will create a “blank” option that will be “selected” when you first open the dropdown.


Many thanks John!
You helped me a lot!
I did so:
$(“select option:first-child”).after( ‘< / option>’ );
Be sure to put something in the “value”, I put a SPACE.
Get it:


You’re welcome ostap!