Drupal Select2 in List (Text) fields

Drupal 8.8.5
Select2 (Pre)Installed in the Libraries Folder
Modules: Select2, Select2 Facet widget, Select2 Publish

I have set the field in Field UI > Manage Form Display Widget to Select 2

I am trying to utilize the Option Group Label much like all of the Select2 Samples do with Timezones, where the options are grouped/categorized (<optgroup>) with a simple single select!

In Drupal 8.8.5 (and below) when I create a list (Text) field I must populate it with the options and have been trying to figure out how to designate the Field Groupings as in this example:
<Fruit> (Or the equivilant of <optgroup label=“Fruit”>)

  • Apples|Apples
  • Oranges|Oranges


  • Spinach|Spinach
  • Carrots|Carrots

However when saved the Labels are automatically converted to options and render empty choices in the form:

And the resulting display simply renders a (Selectable but empty placeholder)
Not what we see in the Sample Timezone widget:
Alaska/Hawaii Timezone

  • Alaska|Alaska
  • Hawaii|Hawaii

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated !

This is really a Drupal question (i.e., how to output an <optgroup> element in Drupal), not a Select2 question. You should probably post this question on a Drupal forum.