Escape key closing Extension popup

I’m working on a Chrome extension, with Select2 4.1.0-rc.0.

When I focus a select2 (multi, tags) input, the suggestion dropdown shows up, and if I press esc then it closes. So far so good. Issue is, if I press esc again, instead of re-opening the dropdown tags list, it closes the popup…

Here’s the instantiation of Select2

    placeholder: "Tag paper...",
    maximumSelectionLength: 5,
    allowClear: true,
    tags: true,
    width: "75%",
    tokenSeparators: [',', ' '],
    dropdownParent: $(`#memory-item-container--${eid}`)

I’ve tried everything I could think of: I can’t catch the select2 keydown events with $(document).keydown((e) =>{ e.preventDefault()}), handling the select2:closing event to remove select2 control over keydown (with something like"keydown")), I added this dropdownParent hoping it would allow $(document).keydown to still work etc.