How do I change the ID attribute on a specific Select2 element?



If this was already answered and I didn’t search for the right criteria, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I am not as familiar with Select2 and am still learning a lot.

Basically, I have a dropdown with a list of filters that, once an option is selected, it populates another dropdown next to it. In the second dropdown, there is an unordered list element that I believe Select2 creates and gives an ID of “select2-results-[index of dropdown item]”. So if I have 5 different items in the first drop down and I pick the first one, the ID of the second drop down would be “select2-results-1”. Second item would be “select2-results-2”, third would be “select2-results-3”, etc…

I need to customize this so that it is static (instead of the index number) because we regularly add new filters which ends up bumping the index up and messes with some automation tests we run.

Is there a way I can customize this particular element’s ID so it can be something like: “select2-results-[name of filter selected]”?


Other than modifying the DropdownAdapter object you use to initialize the Select2, there is no way to control the id attribute’s value.

Instead, I would look at your test automation. Can you use another strategy to locate the second dropdown (like it’s position in the DOM relative to the first Select2)? What is the objective of your test? Perhaps there is another way to accomplish what you need.


Thanks, John! Let me revisit and see if I can come up with an alternative. I appreciate your feedback!