I find a bug about on version min.js

I’m not a native english speaker, but i’ll try to declare one ‘serious’ bug, (ok not so serious).
When I use the version “https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/select2/4.0.6/js/select2.min.js” in my project, that’s all fine, but only one thing puzzed me: whe my drop-down menu don’t disappear?

I spended 5 hours to debug my code and check out the old verison, but never worked.
Fianlly, i found the solution: we can use the 4.0.5 version instead of 4.0.6

That’s all.

This seems to be a bug in the release version of Select2 v4.0.6. Several other people have reported the same problem.

You can use the release candidate (4.0.6-rc.0), which works correctly. Just change “4.0.6” in your selecte2 URL to “4.0.6-rc.0”.