Internationalization in Wordpress not working

Hi all,

I am using select2 in a wordpress plugin.

We have the rest of the plugin localised and translated without any problems. But for some reason the fields the use select2 don’t translate.

I did check the select2 page on Internationalization, and assume I need to translate the value of placeholder.

This is the html:

<select id="min-age" name="min-age" class="duo"  lang="<?php echo $Syb->get_locale_abbr(); ?>">
    <option ... ><?php _e( 'Min Age', $Syb->get_plugin_name() ); ?></option>
    <option ... ><?php _e( 'Less than a year', $Syb->get_plugin_name() ); ?></option>

and JS:

$(function() { 


    	placeholder : 'Min Age', 
    	minimumResultsForSearch : Infinity,
    	width : '41%'



How would we localise placeholder in a way that it would be able to reflect the sites current language, i.e. get_locale() or get_locale_abbr().