Japanese IME for tagging

Hi there,

There seems to be an issue with tagging in Japanese (and I suspect Chinese and other languages that involve some keyboard IME) only in the case of multiple tagging.

Below is the example from the select2 website. I am typing ‘しんきおぷしょん’ to turn in to ‘新規オプション’ after keyboard correction, but this happens:


Typing and creating tags in japanese works like a charm for single tagging, or for single or multiple input search bars.

Same problem here.
I was able to pinpoint the problem.
Seems to be a side effect of a feature introduced in 4.0.3 with the use of “mutation” check.

The problem is typing a character fires a addedNodes/ removedNodes mutation in ‘_syncSubtree’ , triggering a selection update.

My first thought was to prevent to trigger the event on [lower case]&[ Consonant] change.
By doing this, I’ve noticed the “removedNodes mutation” was the main problem.

I don’t have better solution than prevent the change in that case.
Not sure about the consequences of doing this, but at least, I can type Japanese words.


i need this plugins for fix this issue, please help