"jQuery.fn.offset() requires an element connected to a document" when using jquery-migrate to migrate to jQuery 3.x

Working on DNN Platform v9.3.1 which uses jQuery v3.2.1. Through browser inspection I get a jquery-migrate warning of ‘jQuery.fn.offset() requires an element connected to a document’. Would like to know if this will be corrected in the near future?

This seems to be a jQuery question, not a Select2 question. I don’t know what “DNN Platform” is, but perhaps there is a support forum for that product that would be a better place to pose your question.

(If you believe this truly is a Select2 issue, can you explain why you believe that? In other words, what information in the warning leads you to believe the issue is in the Select2 code?)

Hi, thank you for your reply.

The ‘jquery-migrate’ warning message may bring context regarding that jQuery.fn.offset() requires an element connected to a document.

As of jQuery 3.0+, .offset() only works for elements that are currently in the document. In earlier versions, this would return the value but in jQuery 3.0 this throws an error.
My questions:

  • What version of jQuery is recommended for select2 v4+?
  • Would like to know if select2 would be updated in the future to fully work with jQuery3+ without throwing JQMigrate warnings?