Matcher in select2 ember extension

I have been using ember-select-2 package or to use select2 in ember but trying to use my own search but not working as expected matcher should use matchCuston function for search


	matcher=(action 'matchCustom')


matchCustom(params, data) {
			console.log("I am working and checking")
			// If there are no search terms, return all of the data
			if ($.trim(params.term) === '') {
			  return data;

			// Do not display the item if there is no 'text' property
			if (typeof data.text === 'undefined') {
			  return null;

			// `params.term` should be the term that is used for searching
			// `data.text` is the text that is displayed for the data object
			if (data.text.indexOf(params.term) > -1) {
			  var modifiedData = $.extend({}, data, true);
			  modifiedData.text += ' (matched)';

			  // You can return modified objects from here
			  // This includes matching the `children` how you want in nested data sets
			  return modifiedData;
			  console.log("I am processing thingsss")

			// Return `null` if the term should not be displayed
			return null;

references used