No results found in all select fields

I made integration with Joomla CMS. Script works, shows no errors, select fields are replaced but in all fields I get “No results found”. Can You give some tip what is the reason?

Where do you see “No results found”—in the textbox of the Select2, or in the dropdown? Can you post a screen shot of the rendered web page?

In every dropdown I see no items but only “No results found” label. When I disable select 2 I see options in every select. On screen there is the same form with select 2 enabled and disabled.

I don’t see any reason why it should behave that way. Can you remove the empty object in your select2() call and see if that makes a difference?

Also, which version of Select2 are you using?

“No results found” means that the current search term doesn’t match any of the available options. So the other think I can think to try is to make sure there is no value in those input fields (for example, a space character or some other non-printable character).

Also, I’m assuming the HTML you showed in your screen shot is present when the domready event fires, and it’s not generated by a Joomla template.

Have you seen this site? SELECT2 v Joomla 3 ( It might be helpful.

Thank You for joomy link. It resolved problem.

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I’m glad it helped you solve your problem!