Set Data For Select2

I’m trying to set data for my select element but it doesn’t work!
This is my code when i’m trying to set data from another data when i call from an ajax

$(’#pick_language’).select2(‘data’,{id: lang_data.lang_id, name: lang_data.lang_name, image: lang_data.lang_image, selected: true});

When i log the result it still response nothing!
But i cant adding the option without event trigger just like this:

var select_option = " ‘<option selected value = ‘’+lang_data.lang_id+"’ label = ‘"+lang_data.lang_image+"’ >"+lang_data.lang_name+ ‘< /option>’

Just the below code i can set data option for selected item but it just receive data default like this:

  1. disabled: false
  2. element: option
  3. id: “2”
  4. selected: true
  5. text: “English”
  6. title: “”
  7. _resultId: “select2-pick_language-result-bgf2-2”
  8. proto: Object

But i want it like this:

  1. lang_domain: null
  2. lang_id: “2”
  3. lang_image: “data/lang_icon/icon/English-icon.png”
  4. lang_name: “English”
  5. lang_path: “en”

Thanks for your time!