Stop label showing in select input options


Thanks for this great project! I had Select2 working great and somewhere along the line broke something. In my HTML select input, I have an option “Icons” at the top and it emulates a label for the input…

…the trouble is that the “Icons” entry is showing in the drop-down menu. It doesn’t seem to do anything when clicked (in the drop-down). Any idea where I might start looking for this type of issue?


I’ve tried everything I can think of including redownloading the files. I should note that everything else about the menu is working perfectly…it’s just that one pesky entry! And I know it’s something I broke because it was working fine (meaning Icons wasn’t showing up in the menu) at one point.

Thanks for any insights!

I can’t tell from a screen shot what the issue is. Please post your code so I can troubleshoot your issue.