Trigger "noResults" message

Dear Helpers,
is it possible to trigger the noResults message?
I found this inside the select2.js, but is there anyway to use the trigger from the “outside”?

    if (data.results == null || data.results.length === 0) {
      if (this.$results.children().length === 0) {
        this.trigger('results:message', {
          message: 'noResults'


What I like to archive: I have the following templateResult function, so already selected options will not be shown:

templateResult: function (result)
	var data = $this.select2('data');
	var selected = false;
	$.each(data, function(key, value) {
		if ( ==
			selected = true;
			return false;
	return selected ? null : result.text;

It would be great to show the noResults message if all the options are selected and none are shown anymore.

Thank you very much