Wordpress Gravity form doesn't take in account my select2js value

Hi there! I have an issue that a stucking with for 2 days now…
I have a wordpress site with Gravity form Elite plugin. I created a form with some fields and a select field which I tagged with select2js classes.
This select2js field make an ajax request and display the espected result, then when I select a value, I’m able to get the datas link to the object selected and pre-fill some other fields.
However, I move from CF7 to Gravity Form (client request) and my select2js field doesn’t populate his own field anymore… I see the value in the select2js field but when I submit the form the field has the option value and not the selected value.

Well, some screen/code will be better :
my form.js file with select2js setup: https://gist.github.com/Xutyr/479dc10475d25cedafd49617845cbba6

My select2js with expected value:

If I select for instance the first one “Test Oceane” I got “Test” in the select2js field

So the value is well select in the field but if I look to the HTML I have this:

End finally when I submit the form, it’s the option value 1144 which is saved and not my Test. I compared my gravity form html structure with the previous CF7 usage. I have this on the select2js selection:

<span class="select2-selection__rendered" id="select2-nom-container" role="textbox" aria-readonly="true" title="Mme">
  <span class="select2-selection__clear" title="Remove all items" data-select2-id="122">×</span>

The “data-select2-id” data field and the remove items span are missing, furthermore on the previous screen the option created in the select field is weird:

<option value="1144" title="Mme" data-select2-id="select2-data-92-jqbu"></option>

I have no idea how to fix it :frowning: I tried so much thing…
If someone could help me, it’s will be great!

Note: If I create a new tags I don’t have any issue because the option value is the tag value.
Edit: I setup the same version of the plugin (v12), I’m getting the same DOM now. But still have the value like 1144 saved instead of Test.

Kind regards

Ok I found the issue…

In my ajax request I return data with the bdd id of the element. So this is the value submit to the form and add to the value selected…
So I think the solution is to add an hidden field that get the right value because the user name is not unique?

Otherwise sorry for the inconvenient.

It would help me if I could see the format of the data returned from your AJAX endpoint. I think it’s possible the format doesn’t exactly match what Select2 expects. Could you provide an example of the data returned from your AJAX endpoint (/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php)?