Select2 Version 5

I have recently started working on the next version of select2, v5.

The major goal of this rewrite is to make it ADA compliant.

Also I am rewriting it in React (with jquery bridge for those not using React) as it is a really good fit for writing widgets like this and I hope will result in a codebase with less bugs.

You can see what I have so far here:

Feedback is welcome, especially if you are familiar with ADA and can help me test it.

I am not sure if a new repo is better then a new branch because it would make it easier to filter bugs/pull requests, but in either case I have created a 5.x label in the current repo.

Looking forward to getting some feedback.


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If you haven’t already done so, I strongly recommend that you look at the WAI-ARIA Authoring Guidelines for combobox controls.

Apart from that, there are several requests for various functionality enhancements in this forum (both in the “How do I…” topic and the “Is this a bug?” topic. I don’t know whether you even want to tackle this, and if so how you would prioritize the requests/suggestions.

I have followed a couple of aria patterns which I think are applicable. I have posted to the WebAim Discussion List to get some feedback from folks more familiar with ADA than I, but so far no response.

Here is the fiddle of the multi-select so far, it is far from finished but I think from ADA stand point it is much better then v4.

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Referencing Typing while a select2 element has focus does not jump to a matching option - it was suggested I mention it here since this would technically be a new feature as far as select2 is concerned.

basically, whatever awesome features select2 brings to the table, make sure that the existing features of a regular select dropdown still work, aka, when a select dropdown has focus (but not opened), typing automatically jumps to the first matched entry in the list that matches the key strokes typed.